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Marble Polishing Services

Natural stone surfaces provide an unparalleled sense of luxury and timelessness to any home or business and represent one of the most durable building materials ever devised. Marble installed in the temples of Egypt, Greece and Rome thousands of years ago is still in place today and will in all likelihood still be there a thousand years from now. But, even something as profoundly durable as marble needs proper maintenance in order to look its best.

At Pamir Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in providing top-quality marble polishing in Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill & Vaughan. To remain in shape, marble needs to be polished now and then. Our marble cleaners in GTA are in service for past 17 years and can restore the beauty of old marbles to make them look new.

Don’t Trust Marble Polishing Services in Toronto to Anyone Else

Pamir Carpet Cleaning have scores of satisfied customers both residential and commercial that trust the care and maintenance of their marble floors and countertops to no one else. They know they can rely on the skill and expertise of our natural stone maintenance technicians to return their marble to its natural luminous state.

Marble Polishing : We use both traditional and modern methods such as diamond polishing as well as innovative proprietary methods to refresh your marble surfaces. We eschew harsh chemicals and strive for the lowest impact possible. We’re able to remove scratches, scrapes and etch marks from almost every type of marble surface in a way that leaves no trace while bringing out the natural glow of this most enduring of natural stones.

Marble Restoration : Marble is a popular material used widely in high-end Toronto However, as durable as it is it’s not immune to the hazards of the WC. Limescale and soap scum build up on marble surfaces over time despoiling the appearance of the stone. Our specialized cleaning solutions remove odious bathroom build-ups and return the walls and floor of your shower enclosure as well as your countertops to their original condition.

Marble Repair : Marble may last thousands of years but when it’s installed in kitchens and other high use areas it’s vulnerable to chips and cracks. At Pamir Carpet Cleaning, marble polishing services in Toronto, our experts can repair almost every type of minor damage with little or no visible evidence. Whether your kitchen counter was chipped by a repairman’s ladder or cracked after being exposed repeatedly to hot pans we’ll repair it and leave no footprints in the process.

Why Choose Us?

If your marble surfaces have lost their shine, don’t despair, call Pamir Carpet Cleaning. Our marble polishing, repair and restoration services are designed to provide complete satisfaction at a price that won’t break your bank. No matter, where you are in the Toronto area our marble technicians will come to you with state-of-the-art tools and years of experience. They’ll have your kitchen, bath, bar, service counter or hotel lobby floor looking great again in no time and all in the least impactful way possible.

Don’t gamble with amateurs that promise the moon and deliver disappointment. Trust your marble polishing services in Toronto to Pamir Carpet Cleaning. Give us a call today and speak to one of our experts for a free assessment and quotation.

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